Bulldogs News · Meet Coach Karen Thompson- Softball

Coach Thompson is currently in her fifth year as a Softball Coach. She is a 1996 St. Johns High School (Johns Island, SC) alum and attended the College of Charleston to earn a Bachelors in Special Education.

Thompson did not get into coaching until there was a need at Burke; which popped up 5 years ago. She has been teaching at Burke High School for 18 years.

Her coaching philosophy is:

School is important and extracurricular opportunities offer safe and meaningful learning experiences. Students thrive when they are given the chance to be part of a team and build real-life skills. Students can grow both individually and as meaningful members of a team. As a coach, I strive to give my athletes new and fun experiences that will not only build confidence and character but give them a sense of accomplishment.

She can be contacted at: karen_thompson@charleston.k12.sc.us